6 Best Books on Cryptocurrency

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It goes without saying that blockchain technology and decentralization are fairly new, and only a decade ago, financial analysts thought that there wasn’t any need for these financial elements to exist because their existence proposed a question mark towards the integrity of the centralized world. But fast forward ten years, and you have got a fully-fledged financial market that runs on the fundamentals of blockchain technology and decentralization.

Crypto market, exchange-traded funds, non-fungible tokens, mining pools, along with various other opportunities that decentralization provides you with, each and every element is refined and observant, or you can say that it can potentially be tied to the workings of blockchain technology and decentralization. Many people who jump on this thing don’t have the essential knowledge to become good traders or even better crypto analysts because they generally lack the data and information that others have.

Knowledge is the key if you want to make good use of the crypto market and all the proposed technologies that inhabit it. It goes without saying that blockchain technology is an extremely new concept and is far more recent as compared to various other financial elements out there. Cryptocurrencies have surely taken the world of finance by surprise; no one ever thought that money could reach such a digital horizon that it didn’t even need to be tangible for it to work or even become a central element in the lives of so many people out there.

If you talk about global finance, you’d come to know that the crypto market doesn’t even make 50% of the total financial trade taking place out there in the world, but given the fact that the market itself is only ten years old and there is so much potential for growth present you would say that it is doing extremely prosperous and the movement. Stock, forex, and commodity markets are potentially hundreds of years old, and without any doubt, these enjoy the most incredible trade volume there ever is.

Before blockchain technology and decentralization were ever a thing, traditional finance was the way to go for many people out there; they would have to pay tons of fees in terms of getting their transactions approved and enjoying other potential aspects of the market, and they would have to rely on the services of centralized governing bodies and mediators to make sure that their transactions and other associated elements are taken care of.

Decentralization and the crypto market have essentially changed all of that and have taken the centralized world of finance by storm; it has definitely changed how we interact with money, how it is managed, and what kind of people are given the right power to stay in charge of that kind of money. Open finance is a more fitting word when it comes to describing the crypto market and all the associated benefits it has to offer.

With cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology, you get to have price transparency, your data is more secure than ever, and don’t ever have to worry about paying extra fees in terms of taxes or whatever to get your transactions approved or enjoy other various features of it. It won’t be wrong to say that blockchain technology in itself has helped people to make better decisions financially, and with that in mind, it has definitely made the world a better place to live in.

The overall level of interest that the crypto market has managed to cave in is huge; investors are more than ready to pour their money into the market, as was evident in the earlier years of the crypto market when things were starting to look up, and the price action was over the charts.

The possibilities that blockchain technology and decentralization propose have not been interacted with fully, and there are still a lot of untapped potentials that need to be accessed for the good of the market. You must try to learn about the technology that is powering the crypto market and how decentralization as a mode of finance has extreme importance over any other financial elements that are there.

To make you understand why it is important to grab as much knowledge as you can on the subject following are some of the books that you should read or think about reading because it is going to give you an incredible view of what blockchain technology and decentralization have done and what they can do in the near future.

Out of the Ether

To be able to understand the premise of this book, it is important to shed light on a significant event that took place in the past. A heist was conducted over the network of about $55 million from an ether wallet which led to the discovery of a fatal flaw in the Ether code base. This was one of the most iconic theft in the history of the crypto market, as nothing of the sort ever became evident in the past.

And the irony of this whole thing was that a potential advertising element of the crypto market was targeted, which portrayed that this is a financial stage that can’t be hacked and enjoys the most vital security metrics out there. On top of everything else, it is a more disturbing fact that this event took place only after the launch of Ether, and it had only been a year or so since the blockchain started its operation.

If you didn’t have any idea about the flaws in the Ether code at the very beginning of this crypto’s launch endeavor, then this book is certainly for you. Not only you will get to learn about this incident in grave detail, but on top of everything else, you will get to understand how the development team of Ether worked in collaboration to tackle the issue, which is considered to be the biggest attack on the code base of any crypto that had ever been traded on the crypto market.

The book is written by Matthew Leising, which explains the heist, the recovery, and modification of the base code, including how it did shape the path for wonderful security implementations that Ether so elegantly enjoys today.

The Internet of Money

This book is written by professor Andreas M. Antonopoulos who belongs to the University of Nicosia as it is one of the first institutions to first ever add blockchain technology as a part of its curriculum. This internet of money is a three-volume course book that centers on cryptocurrency and its correlation with the global economy. How do both of these interact with each other, what are their working metrics, and how do both influences each other as well?

You will get to understand the past and future of digital economics, the infrastructure of the trade & Barter system, and on top of that, the very philosophy of blockchain technology and how it interacts with the idea of cryptocurrencies and their base functioning.

The style of the book is pretty friendly and based on self-narration; it allows you to immerse in the journey of understanding the crypto market, blockchain technology, and their impact on the digital economy in a much more elegant way. If you want to read a book that makes you wonder, laugh, and astonishing in the real sense, then this is for you.

It will try to teach you the ‘how’ of Bitcoin rather than ‘what’ because most people already know that, and they are more interested in the ‘how’ and ‘why’ of understanding this blockchain technology. It has evolved so much in the past, and in the future, Bitcoin wants to do the same.


This book is written from the perspective of a common man trying to understand the shift the digital economy has taken, going from a centralized model of command towards decentralization and the prospect of blockchain technology and how it applies to this whole endeavor.

This book has also been titled the footprint of the new economy, essentially explaining the working of the blockchain technology and its use cases associated with the flagship cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin. Apart from discussing the features and other associations of blockchain technology, this book is also going to explain just how significant Blockchain technology is and how it can shape the entire future of digital finance.

All the massive shifts that blockchain technology, in general, has seen all the way from Blockchain 1.0, powering the flagship cryptocurrency Bitcoin, towards the ideology and working of Blockchain 2.0, which is now powering all the major associations of the blockchain world, including but not limited to smart contracts, ETFs, Decentralized apps and various other offerings of the crypto market in general. This book also explains how the crypto market and blockchain technology can become or already is the fifth paradigm after computers, the internet, mobiles, and social media.

Melanie Swan is the author of this book, and she has done a remarkable job bringing forward a less discussed attire of the blockchain world, tying this whole thing to the very beginning of the decentralization that is Bitcoin and propelling the whole thing further with the help of blockchain technology, i.e., what does the future entail. If you are curious about finding more about the possibilities of blockchain technology and what it can do in the future, then this book is for you.

Bitcoin Billionaire

Ben Mezrich, the author of ‘Bitcoin Billionaire,’ has done a fantastic job trying to lure the crowd towards crypto trading and making an earning for themselves within the market. If you are someone who has always been planning to get yourself started with crypto trading or some other opportunities that the market is providing but, due to having little to no encouragement, gave up on the premise, then this book is for you.

From the title, you would be guessing that the only thing that is going to be described at length is Bitcoin, well, that is the case here, but you get to learn about many other great things apart from Bitcoin.

First of all, the book has extensive reach for anyone who is interested in either Bitcoin or other altcoins for that matter; also, if you want to gain inspiration, then this book has got excessive stories for people out there who have made a fortune within the crypto market and following their advice, tips, and tricks you can definitely do the same. The book also discusses the story of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, former rivals of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and how they managed to become the first Bitcoin Billionaires back in 2017.

You will get to learn about every little detail pertaining to the story behind these people, how they came about the idea of the world’s most sophisticated social media network, the rivalry, and the legal battle they had fought. Other than that, the book also discusses the future of Bitcoin and other such crypto entities and how blockchain and decentralization are going to be the most significant technologies shaping the world of digital finance in the future.

The Bitcoin Standard

If you are someone who is after the classic trends and analysis of the Bitcoin token and not something that is being spoken of on every other platform, then this book is clear for you. Written by Saifedean Amous, this book refers to the economic as well as the technical aspects of the flagship cryptocurrency that is Bitcoin.

Here you get to have a deeper dive not into the working of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency but also the standardization of this thing as a technical and digital asset within the crypto world. The insights, the insider facts, and the overall information that the author has put forward in this book regarding Bitcoin are truly staggering. If you were planning to learn about the ins and outs of the flagship cryptocurrency, what makes it truly amazing and sets it apart from every other crypto token out there, then you definitely have to try out this book for sure.

You will be reading about the history of Bitcoin, why it was launched in the first place and what was the purpose behind its launch, what specific discrepancies of the centralized world did it embark on solving, and what specific approach has been adopted by Bitcoin to do just that.

From the historical analysis of this financial asset, all the way to the modern aesthetics of Bitcoin and how it can or should fit into the overall scenario of digital finance. Not only this, but you will also get to take a peek over the influence of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency on various financial, social, and economic factors of the modern world.

As you know, the concept of decentralization and cryptocurrencies is not cherished by many people out there; in fact, there are those who simply say that this whole concept is for nothing and should be cast out of the way, or they believe crypto is nothing but a hoax. The overall syntax and language of this book are well suited for readers of any educational background or setting; this is to ensure that the eventual teachings of the book could become readily available to the end-user.

Crypto Assets

Despite the crypto assets becoming mainstream and the overall hype getting louder and louder around the prospect of crypto entities, it is not enough to tempt people, especially the investors who have had exposure to other financial markets for the sake of investing their money into cryptocurrencies.

Simple learning about decentralization and blockchain technology is not enough anymore; you have to do more and learn a whole great deal before you can finally consider yourself ready to pour money into this specific market segment.

Crypto assets is a must-read written by Chris Burniske, and it allows readers to have actionable guidance when it comes to navigating through hundred or possibly thousands of different cryptocurrencies and other such entities that are present out there where you can invest your money.

There are so many things that you need to keep in mind when it comes to investing in the crypto market, such as what kind of market sentiment is prevalent at the moment, how investors are approaching various market opportunities, and if the investment is made today shall prove fruitful in the future and so on so.

You can’t possibly begin to decide on this variety of elements, and you most definitely can’t analyze their metrics and probabilities; that is why you are going to need all the help that you can get your hands on. To begin with, crypto trading. If that is your main goal, then this book is the best possible fit for you; it shall not only educate you about the ups and downs of the crypto market but will help you to establish more direct contact with these cryptocurrencies out there.

You will get to understand the market dynamics for some of the most famous cryptocurrencies out there, their working, the overall sentiment of the investors towards these, and not only this but authentic information at length on a variety of different crypto wallets, exchanges, and any other entity that is even remotely related to the crypto market.

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